Step by Step and Moon Kids worked together to design and build fantastic new areas for the children. From inside to outside, we provided tables, chairs, cots, softplay, a sand pit, garden areas, climbing hills and a climbing frame!

We built the tables and chairs, in different heights, so they were perfect for each age range. The storage units are spacious and they need to be to hold all of the fab toys, books and activities on offer. They are also on locking wheels so they can be moved around easily, yet secured. One of the treasured classroom items is the lightbox, which the children love to use.

There is an amazing softplay room with a house and a train that can be taken apart, piece by piece and reassembled by the children. Hours of fun building the puzzles pieces, aswell as using their imaginations during play. The walls and floors are all protected with our colourful matting so the children are safe to run, jump and climb as they explore what they can do.

Step outside at Step by Step and see the best work. There is a large desert inspired sandpit and flower beds. With camels roaming the walls, this is such a fun area. A large wooden climbing frame with a bridge and slides, as well as a climbing hill that’s a bee! The children love to run up and down and hide in the tunnel. EPDM flooring is used throughout to keep the space safe aswell as colourful. Finally, a pretty picket fence is added to finish the effect, whilst keeping the children safe.