Spring Flower Nursery and Moon Kids worked together to create a colourful, fun and educational outdoor play area and inside play area. The inside has been designed with our special playhouses to look like a miniature town where children can learn about role play, develop their social skills, stimulate their imagination and, above all, have fun! We also added sensory play equipment, as well as soft play furniture, and created a safe and fascinating space for kids to develop their motor skills, balance and self-confidence.

Every piece of furniture was manufactured in the UAE and we are very proud of the outdoor play area which has a beautiful climbing frame, made from high quality materials. It’s adventurous for the children whilst meeting rigorous safety standards.

Take a look through the pictures below to see how lovely Spring Flower Nursery looks. We are the best outdoor play area supplier in the region and can offer you a one stop solution from design to implementation. Whether it’s an indoor playground or a play area for your garden, we can help.