Maple Bear Nursery at Business Bay in Dubai has all the play equipment a child can wish for, and the educational components parents and educators desire. Each piece from Moon Kids Sensory Soft Play range and Moon Play Structure range has a specific role to help foster EYFS and to ensure that we integrate opportunities for children to experience the seven areas of learning.

Moon Kids took great care in designing a play space and play equipment that is colourful, safe, and robust that beckons children to explore and experiment, with their physical and social skills, as well as their imagination and personality.

The play equipment is manufactured in UAE, from materials that comply with all safety rules and ISO requirements, the Maple Bear Nursery now has a playroom filled with joy, learning and creativity.

Here are a few of pieces that make up of the new Maple Bear Nursery:

Moon Tunnel Set

This soft tunnel  is great fun to crawl through, climb on, and roll in.  This piece of soft play creates endless opportunities for the imaginative play.  Velcro fastening, which enables the children to join the pieces daily together or us as two separate pieces with other Moon products add a wow factor to any room.

Moon Learning Dice

Children’s giant foam dice for creative and educational play.  These bright and colorful softl play dice are designed to assist with their alphabet and numeracy but also double up as useful seats.  Children can sit on them in comfort while they listen to a story and the dice are sure to add interest to any room.

Moon Brick Kit

Our 9 or 15 piece Brick Kit is part of our innovative plug and socket range.  The kit can be used to stack, count, throw, lift construct and build.

Moon Balance Beam-Square

Our balance beam encourages movement, balance and muscle development.  Create different challenges by using the stands to change the height.

Moon Sensory Wall Panels 

Tactile and dexterity products involve the sensation of touch and texture and are great for allowing children to feel and interact with their environment.

Moon Play Structure

Our Moon Play Structure is a complex piece of kids equipment designed to fit perfectly in any indoor and outdoor play area.

Climbing and sliding allows children to improve their coordination and motor skills. This can be through improved fitness levels, spatial and directional awareness as well as balance and agility. The methods used in climbing and sliding can help a child’s cognitive development through problem solving, memory and the feelings of motivation which greatly benefits children.

The Moon Play Structure is comprised of the bridge, the slide, the climbing wall and the timber climbing frame. The design is versatile so we can meet your children’s needs.