Kiddy Planet is a British curriculum nursery in the heart of Jumeira, Dubai. Kiddy Planet, contracted Moon Kids to design and produce a bespoke indoor play area. We provided Kiddy Planet with two imaginative indoor play areas, including a stage, castle, shop and market.

We construct all of our furniture and equipment at our Abu Dhabi factory. Our experienced carpenters only build children’s furniture and play equipment. We work with our clients to design products that fit into the existing fixtures and meet the needs of the children playing with them.

Stage and Castle

What pre-schooler doesn’t love to perform? Kiddy Planet now have a really special place to play and perform. With the mirrored castle adjoining the stage and the backdrop of the tree cut outs the stage becomes an enchanted forest to have a real adventure.

With the addition of a stage curtain, the children can have a really authentic “theatre” experience. This will encourage children to develop confidence in music and movement and using books to encourage their learning.

We have also installed a series of wall hooks, which acts as the ‘costume department’ and clearly displays them all for the children to see and choose what they want to be. It is a creative use of the space and costumes.

Shop and market

The shop area consists of shelving areas which are filled with shop items and taken to the cashier till area. This design allows children to change the shop each time they play. Whether its groceries one day, to stationary or hardware the next. It makes each day a whole new experience. Whilst experiencing this type of shop-play, Moon Kids know that lifelong skills are developed in communication and personal and social development.

The Kiddy Planet’s new indoor play area’s offer a wide age range of children, opportunity to develop essential life skills in a safe, secure and fun environment. We can’t wait to see some of their productions!