Project Description

Moon Kids-Gems International-Project

GEMS Education is a global company with an international reputation of excellence. The esteemed organisation, known for having high standards, tasked Moon Kids with creating an epic outdoor play structure for their school in the Al Khail district of Dubai. The brief was to create an ambitious playground that inspired awe, whilst being a suitable educational play facility for students ranging in age. Never afraid of accepting a challenge, Moon Kids designed and built a remarkable, bespoke play ship that far exceeded our client’s lofty expectations. Reaching nearing 18 meters in length, 8 meters in height and 8 meters in width, the structure is a colossus play mountain, customized with coats of arms that represent the school’s teams.

The painted wood-effect ship is formed in steel with Birchwood panels to ensure the utmost in strength and durability without diminishing the authentic pirate ship theme, stationed onto rubber flooring reminiscent of undulating ocean waves. The top deck is fitted out with 3 interconnected crows nests, vast walkways and a plethora of slides and climbing tunnels. The lower deck has baby slides, rope ladders and a maze of interior passageways, suitable for even the smallest of pirates. A web-like desert island climbing frame and an arched amphitheater-viewing platform accompany the ship structure. The overall effect is mesmerizing and the creative play opportunities are endless!