Project Description

Etihad Airways Nursery

Through the reputation and trust built between Moon and Kids Academy, Moon was commissioned by Kids Academy to install a Moon Pod in the new Etihad Airways Nursery.  We designed a Moonpod which inspires the children to think they are in an aircraft or getting ready to “take-off” down the runway!

An adventure climbing frame can be installed in your Softplay room, and this climbing frame can be designed to form a variety of shapes that can include slides, crawl through areas, steps and different levels. The climbing frame consists of a steel framework of tubes supporting different levels of internal platforms. Access to the climbing frame can be via a “log ramp”, steps or slide. The child will be able to climb the log ramp, walk through the different levels of platform, whilst turning corners, and then exit down a soft slope to floor level. All open sides of the climbing frame are protected by netting, to prevent falls from the platforms, and the metal tubes of the frame are covered with “PVC wrap” padding. Children are not only able to climb up and through the structure but they are also able to crawl under it to create a private hiding spaces. The whole structure is securely fixed to both the walls and floor.