In December 2015, Moon Kids were commissioned to provide two separate PreFlight playrooms in the business and first class lounges of the Dubai International Hotel at Dubai International Airport. In conjunction with Dubai International Hotels, we discussed ideas and proposed designs based on Moon Kids wide experience of providing soft play equipment in a variety of settings across the Middle East.

It wasn’t difficult to work through what children really need PreFlight. A well thought out fun, interactive space that is stimulating both mentally and physically with a big consideration towards safety. These areas are ideal for kids to run around and burn off some energy before boarding their flights, with parental peace of mind that every step has been taken to maximise their safety. When you enter the rooms it is immediately evident that this is a space for kids to play hard – and that can only mean one thing – SHOES OFF! The wall mounted shoe storage mat, provides ample room for children to leave their shoes safely preventing those annoying slips trips and falls.

All of Moon Kids equipment is designed, manufactured and installed by qualified and experienced professionals to reassure both parents and employees of the high standard of manufacturing and safety. The kids won’t be too worried about this bit, but we thought you should know!

Centrally, we installed our unique moon gym equipment for smaller children to really stretch their legs and arms and work on their gross motor skills. The up and down ramps form part of our labrinyth set providing the perfect run, balance and jump activity, safe in the knowledge that they are protected by our soft play matting underneath. The moon dice add an extra dimension for stacking and number game play, and are the perfect parent perch!

Further sensory wall activities add an extra dimension of fine motor skills to help wear out those little hands PreFlight. Surrounding the whole room is our sensory wall matting which is detailed with alphabet letters and pictures in English and Arabic, really broadening those little travellers’ horizons! The colours and textures are really just an added bonus to the safety aspects that the matting provides, should a little one take a tumble. The kerb pieces add extra sensory detail, along with seating and climbing opportunities Moon Kids design all of their products to your specifications, right here in the UAE. Our dedicated team of designers and manufacturers took two weeks to build this project in our workshop and a mere two days on site to install the finished project! Working with your onsite operation, causing minimal impact whilst we deliver an exceptional play area for the kids to get to get down to some serious PreFlight play.