The standard of the playground equipment for schools in the U.A.E can be a deciding factor for parents when they are selecting which school to enroll their children in. Playground equipment for schools that is high in quality, well considered and multi-functional represents the institute’s understanding of the vital importance of play in a child’s overall development. And also speaks for the level of understanding that a school has for the role that playground equipment for schools has in nurturing creativity.

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It is a preconceived understanding of parents that an educational facility’s ethos regarding the basic benefits of inspirational playground equipment for schools also reflects how much they care about the overall future of the children under their care.  The importance an educational institute puts on providing quality playground equipment for schools directly mirrors their modern approach of effective learning through creativity. There are a few top tips for making your playground equipment for schools stand out from the crowd.


“Play is the highest form of research.”

Albert Einstein


What Can Awesome Playground Equipment For Schools Do For Your School?

There are currently approximately 281 private schools in Dubai and 151 in Abu Dhabi and there will be an estimated 1.5 million children benefitting from the U.A.E education system by 2022!

The influx of international institutions and the development of the U.A.E as an education and learning based economy, means an increasing competitive element amongst private operators, grappling for ever-higher standards of results and resources.

This means that the vast majority of schools in the region boast amazing science facilities, state-of the-art language development departments, outstanding classroom mathematics assets and hugely creative divisions devoted to the arts. The international appeal of the country means that amazing teachers from all across the globe are attracted to the area. So, all of the S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, English, Arts and Maths) subjects are fully covered to amazingly high standards. So prospective parents look towards a school’s ethos, the extent of their extra curricular activities and the extended resources that a school provides in order to select the institute that best suits their child’s needs.


Make The Most Of the Warm Climate With Exceptional Playground Equipment For Schools

The all year round sunshine means ready access to the great outdoors and the endless potential for installing inspirational playground equipment for schools.

This, and the outstanding school facilities make the U.A.E a country that offers a unique place to grow up and to receive well-rounded schooling that ranks up there with some of the highest quality education in the world and produces global citizens who go on to shape the happy future of the planet.


Having the opportunity to receive such high quality education is an incredible privilege that has the added result of also making the school system a highly competitive one. Families have the pick of the cream of the crop to select from, allowing them to invest in the successful future of their cherished children.


How Does Playground Equipment For Schools Influence Your School’s Status?

More than being a great way to encourage families to register, having amazing and educational playground equipment for school has also proven to have a resounding positive impact on exam and test results year on year.   The impact is thanks to the power of creativity that stems from imaginative play and directly influences innovation, risk taking and ‘out of the box’ thinking. Many educational studies, taking place across the world have shown that children who have received an education bathed in creativity are adaptable to a changing economy and are more likely to succeed in a variety of commercial enterprises in adulthood.

But the question is, in such as competitive environment, how can a school stand out from the crowd in a country with so many fabulous schools?


One answer is to have playground equipment for schools that isn’t just great… it is to have playground equipment for schools that is phenomenal.


Playground Equipment For Schools That Stands Out From The Crowd

But how does an educational facility go about achieving the coveted wow factor with their choice of playground equipment for schools?

Here are a few top tips for how to impress the potential parents and entice students with the finest playground equipment for schools to help make your institute one of the most coveted educational facilities in the region.


  1. Choose playground equipment for schools that is in keeping with your school’s brand

A school’s ethos is formulated around the values and beliefs that form the fundamental DNA upon which the school was designed, from initial concept, to the final flourishing touches. In turn, the branding of the school is created around this ethos and communicated to the wider community to connect with potential parents what can be expected from an educational within that community. Having a strong brand means developing a continuity that starts with the Principle and cascades down the school hierarchy and influences the way in which children are taught and the school community develops. For example, a school that cherishes and nurtures independence and self led learning would have a classroom design and furniture that supports individual advancement and leadership skills and would invest in playground equipment for schools that is not just fun but also challenging physically and mentally.

The experts in educational play have the experience to create playground equipment for schools that integrate cognitive challenges amongst the climbing frames, slides so much more.

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  1. Pick a theme to that is sure to ignite the children’s imagination

With the amazing quality of the modern computer animation, video games and surround sound cinema experiences, kids have seen it all these days. So designing playground equipment for schools that grabs their attention is a challenge and creating designs that keeps their attention takes expert knowledge. Playground equipment for schools that have a theme inspires children to step away from the video games and engage in physical, raw role-play and that fully engages their imaginations. Anything from enchanted forests, farms, magical gardens to jungles, space and pirate ships are building blocks in which the children base their imaginative play and boost the development of their creative minds.


  1. Make the playground equipment interactive to encourage the children to fully connect with their imaginations

Educationally speaking, kids today are lucky enough to be taught to perpetually strive for achievement and to look for the next level or next step in their learning.  This is also true for play, an important element in a child’s 360-degree development, which has proven to positively impact their social and emotional intelligence. Enhancing communications skills, encouraging empathy and delivering an overall improved educational experience. This is why creating playground equipment for schools that offer a layered experience provides an evolving challenge with real-time engagement that keeps children’s minds and bodies connected.


  1. Make the most of your unique physical environment for a fluid connection between the playground equipment and the school

Unique landscapes can often force potential design constraints and can make it seem impossible to produce layered, interactive, creative playground equipment for schools. However, by utilising the dynamics of each specific environment, expert craftsmen and designers can interweave the natural landscape to produce unique structures that massively exceed traditional play designs. Maximising the potential of a small space or awkwardly shaped area turns from a constraint to an inspiration for those who take pride in creating playground equipment for schools that exceeds expectations.


  1. Create playground equipment for schools with the needs of the end user in mind

The rise of the importance of inclusivity has a seen a wonderful increase in the number of spaces across the country that are specifically designed to cater to students and individuals with a variety of special educational requirements or have physical challenges. Well considered architecture and clever design techniques mean the creation of unique structures that incorporate the needs of those with:


  • Vision impairments
  • Cochlear devises
  • High functioning autism
  • Walking impairments,
  • Wheelchairs users and so much more


Stunning custom designed playground equipment for inclusive schools or for schools specifically built for children of determination has emerged in recent years. These are safe spaces in which children are encouraged to participate by the wonder of the equipment. Giving them the same opportunities to enjoy the playground experience as their peers, and to reap the multiple benefits that the opportunity brings.

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Having playground equipment for schools that stands out from the crowd has numerous benefits for the entire school community. The kids get to engage their imaginations by connecting with their inspirational playground environment. Playground equipment for schools boosts creativity and helps new cognitive links to flourish. These developments emerge as improved language skills, enhanced social skills and higher test scores across all subjects!

Stand out playground equipment in schools supports teacher’s creative educational techniques in the classroom, keeps school boards and parents happy as test results rise and has the added bonus of being a healthy endeavour! It is a win-win situation for everyone when a school significantly enhances its facilities with playground equipment for schools. To discover more about the endless options available for outstanding playground equipment for schools, contact one of the Moon Kids educational play experts and join our exciting creative community.