Nursery Furniture in Abu Dhabi

Nursery Furniture

When it comes to fitting out nurseries, MoonKids is the leader of nursery furniture in the Abu Dhabi area. Our UAE team has a vast experience in designing and crafting high-quality furniture and finishing products that cover the whole spectrum of any nursery needs.

All our nursery furniture products are designed and built in the UAE and meet the highest quality standards and the latest design trends. They not only look great but feel incredible and last a lifetime. Everything is capped with competitive prices and outstanding service.

Chairs and tables

No furniture would be complete without a selection of great chairs and tables, and our range of nursery furniture has all your needs covered. We can go from pretty simple classic wooden furniture to more fancy and unique pieces that can make your nursery stand out from the crowd.

Not only our products look great, but they also prove to be very handy in the day to day life of a nursery. They can be easily cleaned, washed and moved around to make it as convenient as possible to use and upkeep them.


Nothing is more important than sleep for kids so young. This is why we came up with a range of nursery beds that are studied for maximum comfort and convenience. They look great, they are a great fit and can make a nursery look the best spot for a quick nap in Abu Dhabi.

All our products are topped up with the flexibility of bespoke orders. If you have any specific need, we can make it happen for you. Beds are no exception. We want your pupils to have the best rest of their life while they are with you and we commit to doing our best to meet your needs.

Storage and shelving

Keeping a nursery tidy and clear is not an easy feat. This is why we put a lot of effort and attention to our storage and shelving solutions for nurseris. These products are made for convenience, they look great and they solve a lot of problems in any hectic nursery.

There’s no space we can’t fit out. You give us a room and we’ll come up with the perfect bespoke storage solution for you.

…and much more

Our nursery furniture range doesn’t stop at chairs, tables, beds and shelves. We offer an incredible selection of product available on our website, but also a bespoke service that can make all your dream nursery come to live.

Just get in touch for a quote or just to ask us anything we might be able to help you with.

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