The Surprising Benefits Of Kid’s Outdoor Play Equipment
The all year round sunshine and moderate climate that we enjoy in the U.A.E makes it the ideal location for kid’s outdoor play equipment. Kid’s outdoor play equipment offers a myriad of opportunities for children to run and climb and slide and swing, an activity that comes with clearly apparent health advantages. And obviously kid’s outdoor play equipment is really good fun! But is there more to Kid’s outdoor play equipment than meets the eye?
Having kid’s outdoor play equipment means that they can take in the wide open spaces that we enjoy in the and around the city and breath the fresh, unprocessed air blowing in from the ocean. Even during the hotter summer months it is still possible to enjoy kid’s outdoor play equipment early in the morning or later in the afternoon. The kid’s outdoor play equipment areas that have been cleverly designed with shade that offers maximum protection from the sun’s harmful rays, keeps the kid’s outdoor play equipment from becoming hot to the touch and stops the little people from getting too hot or burnt.

Recent studies that have taken place across the globe have shown that there is far more to what we think of simply as play than meets the eye. If a child were to be asked, ‘What do you like about kid’s outdoor play equipment’? The answer would very likely be that they like it because it is FUN! This is undoubtedly true, as we all harbour wonderful childhood memories of playing outside with our friends.
But the realities of the actual benefits are far more significant and educational that we could ever imagine. There are minor benefits that are potentially endless, however there are also a few major hidden perks that really stand out from the crowd. These educational advantages can go along way to strengthening any parent’s resolve at the thought of patiently waiting at a kid’s outdoor play equipment playground while the children run around.

The Significant Educational Benefits Of Kid’s Outdoor Play Equipment
1. Social development –
Learning social skills is a hugely important element in a child’s development. Learning how to play nicely with others is a skill that greatly impacts an individual’s ability to successfully interact with their peers as adults: directly effecting work life and career success. Social development includes verbal and non-verbal communication, such as speech, gestures, facial expressions and body language. So how exactly does free play impact social development? Free play is the unstructured interaction that takes place between children during which they discover the rules regarding the world around them. Improvising group games successfully means creating rules that each member must understand and obey. These crucial skills don’t always run smoothly, meaning the requirement of appropriate strategies for conflict resolution. Play is also a great way for kids to develop empathy by imagining what it would be like to feel another feelings. Kids also learn about self-control, negotiation and problem solving. Individuals who have developed strong social skills have better understanding of both written and implied rules of communication and find it easier to successfully resolve issues and to find common goals with others throughout their lives.

2. Cognitive Advancement –
Children acquire cognitive development milestones at slightly different ages, however by indulging in kid’s outdoor play equipment fun, they are meeting these challenges head on. Cognitive development is the way in which children play to learn how to solve problems, how to acquire knowledge about the environment and how to effectively interact with it. These interactions improve memory, concentration, attention span, perception, imagination and creativity, all aiding in educational progress.

3. Physical Development –
Climbing ladders and rope walls, building sand castles and slipping down slides are all activities that (aside from being awesome fun) go along way toward helping a child to build muscle strength. Scaling a climbing wall improves hand-to-eye coordination, whilst challenging the development of trial and error. Running down ramps and crawling through tunnels cause the heart and lungs to operate at a higher capacity, improving physical fitness and burning off excess sugar. Combined, all of these activities develop gross and fine motor skills, improve balance and strength and have the long-term effect of reducing the risk of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke (to name but a few) long into adulthood.

4. Emotional Development–
Play has an important role in a child’s emotional intelligence. Research has shown that the emotional benefits of play are at least 3 fold. Self-confident and self-esteem is built on the playground when a child faces (sometimes fails) and overcomes physical challenges by taking risks. A sense of accomplishment is felt every time children exceed their own expectations, building up higher levels of self –esteem. Emotional experimentation is taking place when a child plays, utilising their imaginations to bend realities limitations, expressing their fears and allowing them to work through frightening or confusing experiences. When kid’s outdoor play equipment magically becomes a fire engine or a tunnel or transforms into an aeroplane through the power of a child’s imagination, the child is in fact working through recent experiences. They are developing emotional strength, inner stability, spontaneity and humour. Children also need to learn how to manage stresses in their lives in a healthy way. Play helps to relieve stress by releasing serotonin, thus making a child more relaxed. Play allows for the freedom to be creative, which lets them forget what is troubling them. It is also a good way of making friends, providing them with a sense of belonging in society.

The U.A.E’s Top Kid’s Outdoor Play Equipment
• Sand Pits –
There can be no argument that there is a shortage of sand in the U.A.E! A san box is a classic in the kid’s outdoor play equipment industry. Modern sandboxes are far more than a basic square or rectangular raised boxes with a trowel and a bucket. A state-of-the-art sandbox boasts multi-tiered layers that allow a child to explore the way millions of grains of sand cascade over edges and also make great spatial sense. They come stocked with wood boards, moulds, buckets, funnels, pipes, garden tools, sifters and paint bottles and whatever else the heart desires. The children use their hands to dig and explore their physical-senses; they strengthen little digits and add to their sensory vocabulary. They collaborate with their sandbox peers to develop social skills and learn to understand the state of impermanence.

• Playhouses –
To have access to kid’s outdoor play equipment that includes a playhouse is to have a magical door to an imagination wonderland at your fingertips. A playhouse is a canvas of endless possibilities that allows a child to indulge in creating roles, using props and developing storylines. They create a fantasy world that helps them develop their symbolic thinking and improve their understanding of the environment.

• Water Play –
Particularly popular during the warmer summer months, kid’s outdoor play equipment that includes splash pads are a major draw for kids and parents in the U.A.E. Pouring, squirting, scrubbing and squeezing, kids keep cool while establishing had-to-eye coordination, problem solving skills and social skills. Surprisingly, water play can even help to build a foundation of science and mathematic understanding as the kids learn by developing their capacity language and observing fluid in motion.

• Adventure Playgrounds –
Traditional playgrounds with a contemporary twist, an adventure playground is a hugely coveted structure for kid’s outdoor play equipment. The possibilities are endless when it comes to form and function, theme and style but with ropes and ladders, balance beams and zip wires, monkey bars and net walls; the physical benefits to growing bodies are limitless.

Where Can We Find Epic Kid’s Outdoor Play Equipment?
There are numerous locations throughout the U.A.E that are Government funded, such as the local parks, where access to the kid’s outdoor play equipment is either free or priced at extremely low costs per person.
With the U.A.E emerging as a country with an educational based economy, the quantity of high quality schools has increased and therefore so has competition to entice families to join a school community. Having an epic playground that boasts amazing kid’s outdoor play equipment is a major draw to modern parents who make it their business to understand the importance of play in their child’s development. There are also a fair few paid access outdoor spaces where companies make it their business to invest in amazing kid’s outdoor play equipment. These include kid’s outdoor play equipment in parks at splash pads and holiday resorts. Many villa compounds and high-rise residential buildings have great community play spaces.
Investing in one or two, or a combination of kid’s outdoor play equipment in an individual private residence is an awesome way to cut out the middleman, to invest in a child’s future and to win the parent of the year award!

Kid’s outdoor play equipment is the ideal choice to keep the kids entertained all year round in the fresh Middle Eastern sunshine. There is no better way to entice the kids away from the television and to encourage them to put down their electronic devices than epic kid’s outdoor play equipment. The advantages of kid’s outdoor play equipment are significant and endless. From kid’s outdoor play equipment that inspires a lifetime of creativity, imagination and innovation to kid’s outdoor play equipment that enhances cognitive development, improves social skills, enhances emotional intelligence and boosts physical abilities.

All the kids have to do is play.