Although we are undoubtedly blessed in U.A.E to have year round sunshine, there is no getting away from the fact that the long summer months can be restrictive when it comes to enjoying the great outdoors. So indoor play equipment for kids becomes a ‘must have’. Due to high temperatures and even higher humidity levels we are forced to take the fun inside with indoor play equipment for kids to keep little ones entertained. Even during the cooler months, having time out of the harmful suns rays is recommended for long-term health.

Indoor Play Equipment For Kids

Finding ways keep physically active and away from the television means having challenging indoor play equipment for kids. Finding ways to keep cognitive processes ticking over outside of the school term means mentally interactive indoor play equipment for kids. Keeping boredom at bay means multi-layered indoor play equipment for kids.  Having a space where kids can socialise regularly over the long holidays and summer months, to expand their social skills, means exciting indoor play equipment for kids. Finding indoor play equipment for kids that ticks all of these boxes at once, takes professional expertise in sustainable, safe and seriously fun educational play structures.


Whether the space is a school, a nursery, a special educational needs facility, a physical development institute for children of determination, a hotel, an apartment building or private individual residents, having indoor play equipment for kids is a proven way to improve their emotional intelligence, physical health and cognitive development.

The challenge comes with finding exciting indoor play equipment for kids that is awesome enough to compete with the power of screen time and engages them enough that they put down their devices and become absorbed in an activity that challenges theirs rapidly growing minds and bodies.


Achieving this means educational play structures that far exceed the limited functions of traditional playground arrangements. It means utilising expert knowledge in advanced educational play methodology and the professional construction unique designs.


Why Have Epic Indoor Play Equipment For Kids?

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Keeping kids engaged and away from screens can be a tough endeavour, especially in the long-term. It requires a combination of the following top tips, plus consideration for the needs of the end-user. Knowing the projected age range of the children, any special requirements that they may have, the brand image or ethos of the indoor play area, school or nursery (if appropriate) and the exact dynamics of the available space, will all influence the final outcome of the indoor play equipment for kids final structure.


  • Indoor Play Equipment For Kids That Engages Their Minds

Running, jumping, climbing, sliding, swinging and even falling down are what we commonly see with kids at play. But there is far more happening that simple carefree play. Play isn’t only a bit of fun it is in fact an essential tool in a child’s development. This is true especially when an educational play expert designs the playground with cognitive development particularly in mind.  Play helps children to develop language and reasoning skills, it encourages autonomous thinking and an understanding of the consequences of cause and effect. This has the knock on effect of building confidence, which is a fundamental tool in innovation.

For example, problem-solving skills are put to the test when a child tries to works out the safest and fastest route up a climbing wall. This is achieved through experimentation with trial and error and risk and result. A simple, in built, block puzzle that opens the door to a play cubby (for instance) challenges a child by developing their analytical skills and hand-to-eye coordination. All of these elements are designed to help a child to maintain concentration and focus for extended amounts of time, which also encourages them to control their reactionary behaviour and to build self-knowledge. Children’s cognitive processes are also advanced as they discover and overcome their own limitations through judgement, repetition and possibility, all skills that they take with them and utilise into adulthood.


  • Indoor Play Equipment For Kids That Improves Their Fitness

It is no secret that the number of children suffering from childhood obesity is on the rise. In fact, recent records show that 1 in 10 reception age children (4 and 5 year olds) are clinically obese. Alarmingly, 1 out of every 5 10 to 11 year olds are obese!  Opinions vary on the reasons, however the rise of energy-dense and nutrient-poor food choices and the sedentary lifestyle that comes with excessive screen time are commonly accepted as contributing factors. The dangers of childhood obesity are physical (causing issues in bone health, breathing issues, diabetes and heart disorders in the long term). Social issues include bullying and lack of communication skills and psychological problems arise in relation to low self-esteem and lack of confidence. Obvious ways to counter the myriad of dangers of excess weight include improved diet and exercise. There is no exercise regime more pleasurable that one that is all about play.

If you ask a child why they like to play, the answer is usually ‘because it is fun’ little do they know that it is also a great way to workout.  When kids are playing on indoor play equipment they are learning reflexes and muscular control and developing gross and fine motor skills. They are improving muscle tone, heart and lung function and burning off excess sugar in their systems.

There are endless types and styles of playground equipment and indoor play equipment for kids that are multi-layered, interactive and inspirational enough to entice the kids of any age away from the screen and onto the apparatus.

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  • Indoor Play Equipment For Kids That Improves Their Social Skills

    Known as cooperative play, this type of childhood interaction happen at almost all ages but is likely to emerge more strongly in older pre-schoolers. This interaction sets the stage for a child’s future communication skills by challenging their understanding of basic social standards in the community. This includes learning how to take turns, queue patiently; learn how to lose with honour and win with modesty and how to adhere to rules and how to create new ones collectively. Indoor play equipment for kids that aids in this vital learning development include role-play structures, in which the children take on common roles in society such as shopkeeper and customer, or Dr and patient. This gives them the opportunity to practice how these interactions occur successfully in every day life. Group interaction and social development takes place on the playground where kids congregate on platforms and decks and play controlled games on slides and swings on which they must take turns. These social skills are vital in the maturation process, providing children with the tools that they need to grow into well-adjusted, well-adapted global citizens.


What Makes Epic Indoor Play Equipment For Kids?

Fighting against the lure of technology and enticing children away from their screens can be difficult, but with indoor play equipment for kids that is exciting, multi-layered, interactive, and unique the kids will lose themselves in the wonder of their own imaginations. Here are a few ways that the experts in educational play amp up the wow factor.

  • Combine The Social, Physical And Psychological Play Elements 

Having multi-layered indoor play equipment for kids means designing a versatile facility that appeals to children of varying ages and abilities and combining their social, physical and psychological needs. Integrating social elements can be as simple as building a deck area when the kids have to queue to take their turn on the slide, or incorporating a role-play element such as a faux market stall, which provides the opportunity for the kids to practice the everyday interactions that will be necessary in adulthood.

‘Free play’ is unstructured and child-led play in which they are encourages to explore their surroundings spontaneously. The benefits of free play include self-expression, (free play is known to help children to work through trauma) the promotion of creativity and the development of autonomy. This means the inclusion of an area within an indoor playground that allows children to observe those around them but also to indulge in (semi private) self led play.

  • Make It Unique 

Although a child’s imagination is boundless, providing them with a template to build upon can help to guide them in their development and designing the theme around your brand is a mutually beneficial way to communicate the company ethos.

The dynamics in every indoor play area is different, making the space unique. Educational play experts have the professional experience to incorporate each unique landscape into the design of the structure to maximise the use of potentially limited height and depth and to meld with the aesthetic of each space. Combining a bespoke theme with a unique landscape means stunning indoor play equipment for kids that cannot be found anywhere else.


With custom playgrounds the opportunities are endless and with indoor play equipment for kids the learning experiences know no bounds. Indoor play equipment for kids that fun, exciting, unique, multi-layered and interactive is also indoor playground equipment for kids that improves physical health, enhances cognitive processes and boosts vital social skills. Creating striking indoor play equipment for kids that is in keeping with a brand images and is custom fitted, not only communicates an ethos, but also makes indoor play equipment for kids that is utterly unique.