Finding the best kids furniture can be something of a minefield. With so many options to choose from it can difficult to know where to start and the overwhelming range to select from can potentially result in a touch of decision paralysis. Choosing the best kids furniture for a school, a nursery or a special educational needs institute would mean slightly different requirements than choosing the best kids furniture for a hotel indoor play area or a private residential home.

Best kids Furniture

None the less there are a few ‘must have’ elements when selecting the best kids furniture that are a vital, regardless of the setting of their use. Meeting these requirements for the best kids furniture is sure to narrow down the potentially exhaustive search and make the choice of best kids furniture that much easier.


  1. Ergonomically accurate – The best kids furniture is more than just adult’s sized furniture that is shrunk. Whether utilising furniture while sitting, standing or laying down: a child that is not distracted by awkwardly designed furnishings has the physical resources they need to set them up for success.
  2. Comfortable – An uncomfortable bed results in an interrupted nights sleep and it is no secret that tiredness is a direct cause of irritability, increased stress, forgetfulness, difficulties in learning and a lack of motivation. An uncomfortable classroom chair causes fidgeting, physical discomfort and distractedness and a desk that is too high or too low has the same impact. So, it is important to select furniture that is either specifically designed with an age range in mind or to choose furniture that is easily adjustable.
  3. Safe – While aesthetics are important, there can be no argument that safety is paramount. Strong materials, soft padding (where appropriate) and securely mounting furnishings against sturdy walls are a must. Buying from professional and ISO certified manufacturers can take the safety worry away.
  4. Functional – It may seem like an obvious one, however investing in furnishings that are practical, efficient and fit for purpose can be a huge space and time saver. Selecting the best kids furniture that is multi-functional, such as portable art easels that has media storage drawers and drying shelves, can lower initial cost, minimise clutter and maximise organisational opportunities.
  5. Durable – Sustainability is something of a buzz world in the current social climate where it is fashionable to minimise waste and to maximise efficiency. However, while most trends come and go this is a movement that will stand the test of time. Eco-friendly furnishings can often be more affordable, they can help to prevent deforestation, contribute toward minimising the carbon footprint of the furniture industry and, in the right hands, they look great! Durable furnishings also withstand the heavy-handed clumsiness of little kids and limit breakages.


Once the top 5 best kids furniture tips have been applied to a search, inferior and poor quality furniture would have been eliminated and the next step in the process would be to consider the specific setting in which the furniture would be used.


Best Kids Furniture For Schools – What do you need?

kids bedroom furniture

The list of furnishings required for a school is thoroughly comprehensive, however the following highlights the very core basics from which to build a template.

  • Storage space 

Finding sufficient storage for mixed media resources and teaching supplies can be a never-ending battle for space.  Storage cupboards that are inefficient are unpractical and untidy, which makes it tough to locate resources, but also takes up much needed space in classrooms or hallways. This makes the need for clever, versatile and practical storage solutions all the more relevant. With a touch of creativity, a lot of expert knowledge and an intricate understanding of how to maximise space, a professional furniture maker can design high capacity storage that decreases clutter, saving valuable time and prized space.  Don’t forget cubby space for the kids to store their effects, and personalising them goes along way to making kids feel like a valued member of the school community.

Of course there are many design options available, but an essential part of the decision-making process is how versatile and functional the best tables and chairs are.  Tables and chairs that can be quickly and easily adjusted, moved or stacked will offer the most usability and therefore be highly cost effective, making them the best kids furniture option. A classroom that can be amended to suit the style of teaching taking place within it is a classroom that is creative, motivating and innovative.  It allows for individual learning, whole class discussions and multiple-group learning.

 Schools in the U.A.E are forward thinking when it comes to inclusivity. Having an area for children of determination or those with special educational requirements to explore their senses makes a wonderful addition to their education. A well furnished sensory room increases fine and gross motor skills, improves communication and decreases anxiety and behavioural issues.


Best Kids Furniture For Nurseries – What do you need?

childrens bedroom furniture for small rooms

  • Mini Tables and Chairs Designed For Mini People

Versatility is paramount when choosing tables and chairs for nursery schools and physical comfort is a must to extend young children’s notoriously short attentions spans. With the majority of nurseries focusing on play as a form of learning, choosing tables and chairs that mirror the activity they are designed for makes for both a practical and cheerful choice. Stackable tables and chairs that are light and readily mobile can be easily moved to transform a space from a classroom to a stage and much more.

An awesome play area is an absolute must have for a nursery that understands the huge importance of play in a child’s social, cognitive and physical development. Soft play is the best kids furniture choice for a nursery as the soft material is lightweight, adjustable and wipe clean. Combining the dynamics of the available space, the theme of the nursery and design elements that challenge a child’s progress will always be a sustainable, fun, wow-factor selling point.

  • Sleeping Area

Studies across the globe have proven that children who receive an adequate amount of quality sleep have improved attention span, better behaviour, enhanced memory for learning and superior physical health. In a nursery the sleep room should be a serene and quiet space designated solely for napping purposes. The best kids furniture for quality sleep is safe (made from sturdy and breathable material) and secure (adjustable sides to make access easy but to stop little adventurers from mounting an escape attempt), and boasts design features that make bed sheet and pillowcase changing an easy task. (Double deck cribs are spatially efficient for constrained spaces).


Best Kids Furniture For Private Homes

Choosing the best kids furniture for a private home massively depends on the age and interests of the child that the furnishings are for, making it a wonderful opportunity to have bespoke furniture commissioned.  Using a furniture company with expert craftsman and carpenters means that there is no need to compromise between durability and style. Providing a child with a personal space that is specifically designed just for them becomes a safe haven in which they can express themselves and feel secure. Allowing the child to have a say in the interior design of their room gives them an important sense of ownership and belonging.

  • Custom Bedroom Furniture

When looking around for a child’s bed in bulk produced furniture stores it often seems the case that there is a missing functionality, or a design feature that is not quite right, or it doesn’t quite fit the dynamics of the bedroom. Custom designing a bed with the guidance of a professional craftsman presents the autonomy to choose almost every element. The resulting quality far exceeds that of mass production beds and has the potential to grow with the child, for extended longevity.  Desks – Once a child gets old enough to do homework in their room it becomes important to provide them with a work space that is comfortable, clutter free, functional and inspirational. Storage – Developing organisational skills in childhood is key for success in school life and is a proficiency that serves well into adulthood. Providing storage solutions that have clearly designated compartments for organising items is known to be a stress reducing practice and simply makes practical sense.

 Combining all 3 elements into one compact, efficient unit maximises the available space and superior craftsman have the savvy to include extra storage or sleeping space cleverly carved into the structure.



Choosing the best kids furniture is a step-by-step process, and the first task is to eliminate poor quality, easily broken and cheap looking furnishings. Ensure that the selection of best kids furniture is ergonomically accurate, comfortable, safe, functional and durable. The best kids furniture is all about quality. Simply select service providers in best kids furniture that employ professional craftsman and expert designers that are passionate about educational play. Once this is achieved, choosing the best kids furniture becomes a much simpler task.

Consider functionality, storage requirements, longevity, the space available and the theme to guarantee purchasing best kids furniture that perfectly matches the physical environment and achieves the seamless blend of form and function.