Noted throughout the U.A.E for their state-of-the-art outdoor adventure gear, Adventure HQ tasked Moon Kids with the fit-out of an amazing indoor interactive environment, designed to reflect their ethos of enterprise and discovery.

Moon Kids are delighted to have exceeded their high expectations with our ultimate adventure zone that offers a world-class interactive experience. With balance beams, climbing ladders, hoops swings, swinging balls and wobbly bridges, all artfully suspended above a huge trampoline park, the aerial challenge is an epic test of dexterity, finesse and daring for the most intrepid of adventurers.


For a slightly calmer but no less gripping adventure, the Adventure HQ playground embraces the elegant beauty of natural timber and laminated birch wood to create a 360° woodland sanctuary with a faux forest floor. All of the park’s elements like the smooth benches, stools and slide are in keeping with the forest theme.  The beautiful tepee makes for an imaginative playhouse and the elegant bridge, accessed via the stepping-stones or climbing ramp, is completed with a large sub-tunnel to stretch the body and the mind.


Our multi-style climbing walls offer an exciting opportunity for all levels of climber. Beginner climbers can challenge themselves to achieve ever-increasing heights and advanced climbers can time their rapid ascent to the rooftops. Stimulating, varied and dynamic our climbing walls compete with the world’s best indoor facilities.


Moon Kids designed and produced shelving and display units for the Adventure HQ shop to showcase the tools that every adventurer needs. Our minimalist units maximise the aesthetic appeal of the space, making the most of the building’s height and the natural light to ensure that each product is clearly exhibited.