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Jumeirah English Speaking School, or JESS as it is commonly known, worked with Moon Kids to provide a wonderful new learning and play environment for the children that go there.


Are you sitting comfortably? The children will be at our bespoke handmade wooden tables! Our range of tables make a great space in which to learn. Our popular bookcases are added to the classroom to ensure books and toys are easily visible to the children and they also make great space dividers for creating that cosy area to enjoy a story. For this classroom we even made a kitchen area!


Round the beehive, over the bridge (careful not to wobble!), under the tunnel, up the climbing steps and down the slide of the desert climbing frame. The indoor play area at JESS is a sight to behold and the whole room sparks the childrens imaginations. They are working on their balance, strength and social skills whilst having so much fun. The Tepees are great for imaginative play. We can provide these in different fabrics, with personalisation, branding or just plain for you to make your own mark.


An extra addition to the play area is the softplay equipment. The Moon Bridge SetSquare Stepping Stones and Moon House are fun for all ages. You can take these apart and move them around and build a different set. The learning continues with the Lettered Stepping Stone and Learning Dice, which are perfect for a game, or even a seat!

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