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Dubai English Speaking School, also known as DESS, and Moon Kids worked together to create a beautiful calm shared working area and classrooms in the Year 1 and Year 2 block. The area is a light, airy open space, which the Moon Kids handmade wooden furniture compliments to create a calm, mindful environment for the children to learn in.

We provided storage units which have the added bonus of having whiteboard backs. These units help to create smaller learning spaces in a big room and can easily be moved around, creating a different environment for the children.

For the children to be able to choose how and where they learn best, the tables were made in a variety of sizes. There are higher tables for those that like to stand, comfortable wooden chairs for those that like to sit at a table and even low tables, for those that choose to sit on the floor. The tables are in a variety of shapes; circle, rectangle, trapezoid and rectangular and can be used individually, or joined together to create a larger working space.

Not forgetting all the other parts that make up a classroom we also provided teacher computer tables, lockable cupboards, small drawer and cupboard units, multi coloured storage drawers and hanging storage.


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