Pull up a chair, these are handmade with care.

Soft chairs, wooden chairs, with arms or without. We can make calm chairs, or chairs to stand on and shout!

Tiny or Tall it’s up to you, we’ll make them just right for those around you.

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More About our Chairs…

Moon Kids handmade chairs are crafted from the highest quality materials and are designed with comfort, durability

We understand that your child’s safety is paramount. That’s why our essential range of wooden chairs all feature enhanced designs, complete with rounded corners for optimum safety and security. Each of our chairs can be built to accommodate children of any age or stature, and we frequently craft chairs for children as young as 6 months and as old as fourteen years. All of our designs can also be laminated in a variety of colours, from Turquoise to Cerise, and we are happy to work around your existing design scheme if you so wish.

Many of our chairs are crafted as part of our exciting range of tables, such as our popular Fantasy Table and Chair Set. This imaginative set includes four custom built chairs that are themed in a range of colors and feature unique motifs such as trains, stars and cars. These chairs are not only fun, but they are also proven to be easily recognizable for even the youngest children, helping them to identify their own seat.

For something a little different, our Soft Ottoman Chairs are ideal for soft play areas and will brighten up any room with their vibrant and colourful two-tone designs. All of our comfortable ottomans are designed to co-ordinate with the full Moon Gym range, but they also make lovely standalone pieces too.

To learn more about our range of tables and chairs, or to discuss a custom form of seating, please get in touch today and find out what we can do for you.

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