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All your Arts & Crafts are tidy and easy to find with our fab units. From storage and drying to easels, blackboards and display boards, your budding artists can get their Picasso on.

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At Moon Kids we believe in nurturing children’s creativity through arts and crafts. That’s why we are pleased to offer a range of unique storage solutions, artist easels, classroom blackboards and colourful display boards, to enhance your child’s creative environment.

Our custom-made blackboards are a useful tool for developing thoughts in the classroom. Every Moon Kids board is designed to give a better visual contrast to standard classroom blackboards and their robust frames ensure that they will stand the test of time. Chose between our stylish light blue design or our simplistic natural wooden frame.

Awaken your child’s inner Picasso with our wooden artists easels. Paint, chalk, crayons and markers can all easily be stored at one convenient station; while spare paper can be placed beneath the easel for quick and easy access.

Keep your classroom space tidy and organised with one of our colourful classroom craft trolleys. Designed to provide practical storage for your arts and craft supplies, the trolley can be customised in a range of laminate colours and is useful for storing trays, holding a variety of painting pots, tubes, papers and card.

Moon Kids Play Table is perfect for group work and is particularly easy to clean, thanks to it’s dry wipe worktop which can be changed for paper, or metal top for arts and crafts lessons. Moon Kids Storage units are purchased separately to fit underneath the table, making this colourful and story product an essential addition to any arts and crafts space.

Get in touch today to find out more about our full Arts & Crafts range or to discuss your very own bespoke project.

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